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CORBAL Plus gives artists & labels the competitive edge.

Being an exclusive roster, CORBAL Plus artists and labels are serviced on a very close basis across the board, from release strategy to marketing.

Playlist Pitching

We lean in as you see fit to refine and maximize your artist vision & pitch, and then spread it to all the places and digital partners that matter most. From Spotify & Apple Music ads to Today’s Top Hits to New Music Friday, we've got it all covered.

Enhanced Content Protection

Protect your intellectual property across all digital platforms. Utilizing our proprietary technology, we can screen & safeguard your content, monetize it (YouTube CID) or take-down any duplicates of your content.

Royalty Collection & Administration
Additional Revenue Streams

From sync placements, mechanical royalties, or public performance royalties, you are missing out on a lot of royalties. For CORBAL Plus members, CORBAL collects all of these extra royalties (if they exist), and brings them back to the artist.

Our Case Studies
Nearly every artist that has partnered up with us has experienced unprecedented growth
Sunny - 10,000% growth year over year

Sunny joined CORBAL Plus during its founding months, taking a chance with a label which he had not known about prior. After several months of being partnered, Sunny's records had gained traction due in part to the promotional network CORBAL had exposed him to, alongside the team he looked to for every release and the nature of his releases. From a mere 10 monthly listeners in 2018 to 40,000 monthly listeners in 2019, Sunny has had a great experience with CORBAL and looks forward to releasing more records into the future.

itssvd - 100,000% growth upon signing

itssvd joined CORBAL Plus during its founding months, being the first client to sign to CORBAL Plus. Working with the CORBAL team to target the lo-fi niche via social media strategies/advertising, editorial support, and third party tastemaker support, itssvd was able to go from 1,000 monthly listeners to 1,000,000 monthly listeners within 2 years.

woodsurban - 7,500% growth/year

woodsurban signed to CORBAL Plus around early to late 2019, looking to promote his works with a scalable team. Previously having no commercial presence on DSPs, woodsurban worked with CORBAL to debut his catalog on DSPs. Over a year, woodsurban grew from 1 monthly listener to over 7,500 monthly listeners.

Unity is strength...
When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
Mattie Stepanek
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