We are a next-generation music distributor and label looking to change the industry by putting power in the artist's hand.

We Are Different

We are bringing back creative freedom to the music industry.

Keep money in your pocket. Unlike other distributors & labels, we don't charge an upfront fee, an annual fee, or any flat fee to distribute your music to stores. We operate on a percentage commission basis from music sales and streams, which means we only make money when you make money.

Project Funding
Incentives and Advances

When we see enough momentum with your releases, we offer you funding for your project. Over the last year we have provided over $100,000 in advances and campaigns.

Data and Analytics

Learn more about your fans by tracking your own music, what's trending, where it's trending, and who's listening.

Royalty Collection
Fund your passion

Not only do we collect revenue from streaming and download sites, we also work on collecting performance, mechanical, and licensing royalties (if you opt-in).

Monthly Payouts
Straight to PayPal

Get paid monthly with no minimums. If you earn $1, you get paid $1. We'll pay you directly to your PayPal account each month.

We deliver to 100+ digital retailers and streaming services within as soon as 5 business days

We offer astounding artist and label services

Bespoke Label Services for Artists & Labels Alike.

CORBAL Plus is the exclusive label division of CORBAL Distribution. Home to many talented and globally renowned artists and indie labels, CORBAL Plus is the next step any artist or label with a structured plan and vision should go to. Interested?

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